Not the entire world knows me.
Nor do I know each one of them.
But it’s okay, it doesn’t even matter in the end.
As long as you’re my friend,
I know I won’t feel weak, you’d provide me ample strength.

I just need your love and support.
Just need warmth of your love, so I do not lose control.
The innocence of our relationship would certainly purify my soul.

If I commit a crime or a sin, I know your love would be there to keep me clean.
Just if I keep doing wrong, you’d be there to correct me.
I’d wish to be independent but your presence won’t set me free.
I need you to be there by my side, because I want to sleep peacefully under this starry night.

Reverie spoke to me in a squeaky voice.
It felt like I was talking to a child.
Imagination is what keeps me alive.
If I let it go, surely, I won’t ever feel like I am alive.