I need to..

I need to go out.

I need to move my hands.

I need to move my legs.

I need to move on.

I need to get things done.

I need to get over obstacles.

I need to smile back at people.

I need to be a good human.

I need to listen to my favorite song.

I need to also sing along.

I need to eat my favorite food.

I need to learn how to cook.


I need to handle the anxious moments.

I need to enhance my self esteem.

I need to love my work and succeed.

I need to be responsible, I’m no longer sixteen.

I need to be a bit more caring.

I need to be a bit more daring.

I need to learn to have some fun.

I need to be strong in the longer run.


3 thoughts on “I need to..

  1. I understand those needs and share many myself. As an observer, do you mind if I say something? If not, then read on. I think that all you need to do is be yourself and from there do the things that make you happy. For me, it keeps things simpler…it’s not a 100% success rate secret to life, but something I thought I’d put out there for you. Peace, Harlon

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    1. Appreciate your comment Harlon! I try to do all the things for my own happiness. And you’re right, it doesn’t guarantee success but doing things which you love makes you happy and happiness is only what we need for the sake of our well being. πŸ™‚

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