Friendship-Nostalgia !

I think I should see my friends once in a while.
It’ll be worthwhile, a cat has nine but we’ve got only one life.
There can be an after-life.
But I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

So let’s meet that innocence which is no longer with us.
It has been replaced by envy, anguish and hatred.
If I see a ghost today, I am not scared.
It’s the human beings that have become real demons.

So let’s forget about all our problems.
Hand in hand we are going to walk together.
Just like little kids, we would imagine.
I’ll try to do moonwalk in the memory of Michael Jackson.

You can’t sing like a nightingale.
But in my opinion you will never fail.
Sing a song from your heart,
I promise I’ll appreciate.

Just meet me one more time.
I’ll pour the shower of love on you like it has never happened.
I’ll show you what I truly feel about you,
Only if you’re willing to gather.
I’ll see you at the place where we used to meet.
As soon as you reach there, I’d hug you and greet.
We’d laugh together, create new memories which will be sweet as ever.
I’d shake hands with you at my departure.
When can I see you again? I’d wonder.


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