Walking past the narrow alleys, I try to solve this mystery.
The truth of my existence will one day be a history.
As I continue my slow walk,
I try to live in the moment, struck by nostalgia, I look back at the moments we once shared.
Tears of joy in my eyes as I look at my wrist watch.
It’s 1 AM and another day has already gone.

There is no way to stop the biological clock.
One day you’re a kid, the next day an adult, you open your eyes, completely shocked.
Countdown begins, it feels like there is a time bomb.
You’re not alone, everyone feels it, just stay calm.

Surrounded by the suspense of these thoughts, I am.
Is it real or unreal? It won’t last forever, why am I here?
Sometimes I want to hide, maybe even completely disappear.
Go to the Earth 2.0, alas! It’s away from us about 1400 light years.

I’ll look at the sky and smile.
I’ll be lost in the reverie this night and think something in an artistic style.
Until I solve this mystery, I’d be filled with suspense and surprise.
I will feel like there’s no end to this climax.
I have no control over things, it’s like an Airplane has got hijacked.

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