Good vs Bad- What’s the truth?

It’s always fun when you get into a discussion with a friend, doesn’t matter what the conversation is about and out of nowhere you start a conversation about the concept of “Good” and “bad”. We were just talking like two buddies usually talk and suddenly, we were discussing whether “good” or “bad” even exists or not.


We all have our own opinions and that was the moment our curious minds were out for a hunt for a reasonable answer. We were curious about the things which are termed as “good” or “bad” according to society’s standards. Like, you know, something which is good for a person might completely be inappropriate for another so from where do these concepts come from? It was not a very lengthy argument but thereafter when I came back home, had already waited for a light snack on that warm evening I started to think about the idea more deeply.

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There were circumstances I was making up in my mind which had both positive and negative outcomes of it. For exempli gratia, you have a friend who wants your help but you’ve already set up your plans for the day but your friend keeps reminding you that “a friend in need is a friend indeed” but you just know that you can’t change plans because you’ve already made a promise to someone. You’d feel that your friend is childish if he doesn’t understand your situation but, anyway, if he fails to understand the circumstances which you’re facing then you’d termed as a “bad” friend.

On the other hand, in a similar scenario you decide that you can make adjustment in your schedule and help your friend then you’d be termed as a “good” friend. See how perceptions can change by your single decision? So, who are we to decide what’s good or bad? Well, we judge only according to our society’s norms so the concept of “good” and “bad” are only a point of view of a person. So how do we know what is actually “good” or “bad”?

So the bottom line is: We have created these concepts by our own standards so what is the truth? What is good or bad? Well, I guess we don’t have an answer yet.

Good or bad


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