Hobbies- A way to meditate!

P1There are times in your life when you continuously spend day after day thinking about where you’re going with your life and you’re just as clueless about things as Alastair Cook was during the Ashes 2013-14. It is okay to feel like that once in a while but if the feeling is chronic then I have a suggestion for you.



So easy to say, right? But I’m going to advise you an alternative method this time. By the title of this article, you may have already guessed it but if not then I’ll do the formality to tell you. So here we go…

The secret is to PURSUE YOUR HOBBIES!M1

You’re going with the flow, following same pattern, same routine everyday and you just don’t know how to bring excitement in your life. With my personal experience, I can assure you that following and doing the stuff you love is the best way to achieve happiness and in a way, a best way to meditate. Drawing is like a meditation.

11666201_900959203303191_7902258474474290041_n 11737830_900959209969857_7972501794193271508_n

I used to be so bad at it (I still am) but I’ve noticed that when I again started sketching I started feeling good about myself again and got that esteem back which was slowly fading away.

Sonic puzzled

I knew my limitations and drew what seemed most appealing to me and felt I could do it. The factor of “achievement and accomplishment” came back in my life and my self-esteem grew every time I made a sketch.

ch1 ch2ch3ch4

So for all you peeps out there, my advice is that if you can’t do that regular meditation, just try something different and do what you love just for the sake of doing it and see how you feel about yourself then. I am sure that it’d be a win-win situation because you’ve got nothing to lose. For me, it’s actually not just drawing, it’s a lot of other things as well so if you’re unsure about your hobbies, first you’ll need to find out what excites you and once you understand that, you’ll be able to bring fun and amusement in your life pretty easily.

11705174_900959206636524_3548113704531932429_n stupid sonic

I am completely aware of the fact that I’m no Picasso, yet I draw just for the fun of this amazing activity and I never had an inborn talent to draw that’s why I feel I will never be able to draw like a professional but you know what? I don’t care about it. I just want to feel comfortable when I draw a sketch and I’m sure I’ll be able to improve if I keep doing it. Maybe one day, maybe someday, I’ll be drawing one of those sketches which I have always felt is highly improbable for me to draw. So, yes, I think it’s going to be an exhilarating journey, a journey of a new adventure and learning a new skill.

So, according to me, your key to happiness is simply doing what you love just for the sake of doing it.




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