Who’s Viby? Viby speaks his mind?

Who’s Viby? Viby speaks his mind?

Once a toddler now turning into an adult. I’ve been blogging for more than a year and a lot of people don’t know who I am and why did I started blogging. The title of my blog “Viby speaks his mind” seems a bit odd and quite lengthy as compared to what is generally expected while naming the title but I found out that this particular title is the most suitable among all. As I’ve just got out of high school, I don’t have an expertise in a field yet so I know I can’t claim to know about a specific field. That was why I decided to write whatever comes into my mind. Hence, the title “Viby Speaks his mind”. Initially, my aim was to improve my English writing as I’m a non native so the task was difficult and I needed a fun way to enhance my skills so the idea of blogging struck me. Believe me, it helps heaps as you follow other blogs and learn about different ideas across the globe. Blogging is an idea which is interesting and helps you develop as a person as well. It helps you to connect with some geniuses and some modest human beings because it is something which people do to share their thoughts, opinions, facts etc.

Similarly, in the summer of 2014 while I was at home, too bored to do anything new, I just thought about starting a blog so that I can learn more about different things and improve my English as well. I think till date I have come a long way and the best part is that I still have so much time to learn new things. I am looking forward to the future in a hope that I’ll get better each day and get lots of experience to share them in my blog. I have got some creative friends and I feel so lucky that I have them in my life. Planning to do something new now and will come up with awesome stuff in future for sure. So, for the rest of the years I am alive on the planet Earth, I will be dedicating my life to learn more stuff and try to do what I actually love. Hopefully, with the support of my creative friends, I’ll be able to achieve the desired results and it’ll be a journey full of adventures. Be a part of my life because Viby is going to speak his mind and he’ll be sharing all his thoughts here at “Viby Speaks His Mind” until he departs from the planet.

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