There was a kid, who had no support.
He had a father but he lacked a dad.
He looked for someone who’d bring some fun and don’t make him sad.
Someone who’d teach him how to play soccer and make birthday plans.
A person who’d gift him a cricket or a baseball bat.

He looked for someone who’d give him a pat on his back.
Someone who could guide him on the right track.
A person who could gift him a toy whenever he got mad.
Someone who could read him bedtime stories before taking a nap.

He looked for someone on whom he could rely upon.
A person on whose shoulders he could lean on.
Someone, who’d just for him, sing a song.
A perfect role model who would play with him on a bright sunny day on a lawn.

Sadly, he looked for someone who was never there.
He realized there was not a single person who actually cared.
He had to carry on, doesn’t matter how much he was scared.
He had a big heart, all his happiness, he only looked to share.
He was looking for somebody who was never there, life was just unfair.

Not even the God would listen to his prayer.
He shouted, he yelled, told everyone to stay away, he is dangerous, beware.
He’d change his fate, own it and say bye bye to the feeling of despair.
At last, he looked for something, not someone, who would allow him to breathe fresh air.