High School troubles!

Look, listen, analyse, then speak.
Nerd, jock, goth or maybe you’re a geek.
Shouting, crying, combined with a little talking, help you seek.
Leave me, don’t call me, don’t come near me, set me free.
Hate these labels, hate name-calling, can I be me?
Me, myself and I, everyone wish to be.
Does really anyone gives you the permission, actually?
Two-faced, the world is, factually.

It is universal, whether you accept it or reject it.
Caring, sharing and supporting, all of them are a big lie.
The moment of your departure, they say good-bye.
In reality, there’s no “good” in that “bye”.
We are with you always, whenever you cry.
Only you realize later, that was another lie.

Keep going, keep moving forward.
Don’t be submissive, be blunt, be straight-forward.
Otherwise be ready, they’ll call you a coward.
Talk to them, express yourself, even if it gets awkward.
You’ll cherish it, will be glad when the relationship gets warmer.
An exceptional life you’d lead, a great impact you’d leave and it’ll make you immortal.


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