I thought that they were innocent.
Arguments, fights, and frustration caused dissonance.
Our relationship was innocent I used to think.
Our minds were sharp, crossing limitations of imagination.
Back then I remember, we were also quite vigilant.

Memories I have of the past but now I don’t want to keep them.
Stay away from me please, leave me alone now please.
As I say, you give a glare, we all at each other stare, our eyes meet, but we don’t really care.

I know, as a matter of fact what you’re thinking.
I hear you say “Why aren’t you blinking”?
Memories takes me back to the past as I look into your eyes.
Reminded me of all the sorrow, dejection and those cries

You’re not important, you aren’t that worthy of having me.
All the gifts I gave you, respecting them you were thanking me.
Separate ways are there for us, a fresh new start is waiting for us.
Never ever look back and think about me.
As soon as you see, I’ll fade away and you’ll not be able to see me.


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