Bored to do!

Too bored to do anything new.
Too bored to start anything new.
I am fed up with the daily routine of mine,
The friends I am left with are very few.

No places to go to,
There is no destination where I can belong to.
I need someone to be with me, only if it’s one or two.
Asking for minutes, I don’t want your hours or your day,
I plead to you, don’t say that I need to stay away.

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I want to be close to you, increase the proximity between us two.
Approval is available from me, but you say it is hard to do.
We’ll go out together, play in the ground again
We will make it the best way to spend a day,

Just need to have each other’s company,
Then we’ll start all over with something new.

That assignment we got the other week, which is two days due,
I haven’t started with it yet, because I was waiting for you.
We used to do all things together,
The current status of our attachment is not the same,
I assume, the balance of our friendship, we ought to review.


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