Flawless Life!

♦Flawless life is a myth.
♦Having strength to counter it, is a gift.
♦The love, bonding, our friendship one day might drift.
♦The connection with each other might shift.
♦Memories, the pleasant situations, an eternal joy it’ll bring.images (3)
♦Be sure to never let it shrink.
♦The wine with a mixture of love, together we’ll drink.
♦There will be a connection, arose from the stare without even a single blink.
♦Trust me, I’m your friend.
♦Said I, you turned away, murmuring the words, I felt a nostalgia of our last high five.
♦Gone are the days when we used to be friends..
♦Don’t push the limit now
♦Waiting ahead, is a dangerous dead end…..