Instrumental Track (New)- “Hi-Fi To Sci-Fi”

A new instrumental track created and uploaded by Vibhor Atray Sharma.

It has been named as “Hi-Fi To Sci-Fi” because it gives me a feel of outer world. In other words. I feel like it’s kind of an “Alien” type music. Precisely, everyone can have their opinions so I am not claiming it to give you the same feeling. However, the title of this instrumental track was solely based on what I felt when I heard this for the first time. Gradually, I am trying my best to learn this amazing skill of composing music. I feel like I am getting better with time and experience. Hoping you will like and appreciate my little effort. I am sharing this one with you with a wish to make you happy with my efforts.

Enjoy, have fun and spread love. As I’ve earlier stated, the world needs it badly, agree?


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