Stress Management!

Stress helps you to perform tasks in an effective way. To perform any task, you are required to be stressed at a certain level. You must have a balance between acute stress and the chronic stress. Stress often helps you to remain motivated constantly and also helps heaps to become a productive person. Few people perform better under stressful situations but there are people who cannot be at their very best if they are given a stressful situation. This article is worth reading as it will provide you ways to handle your stress.

But first of all, let’s understand what does acute stress and chronic stress means.


♦ Acute Stress – It refers to that kind of stress which do not last for a long time and it is temporary. Acute stress is usually self-limiting and once the causing reason is resolved, the stress clears. If the level of interference to normal living is excessive, then we would use medication short term or therapy to reduce or eliminate it.

♦ Chronic Stress – The other form of stress is “Chronic” which means a general problem that you have been dealing with for many months or years and usually not a single precipitating event .

Below are the few measures to take to handle your stress.

♣ Self-Awareness — People being self aware tend to identify their thinking patterns and they are also aware of their actions and why they act in a certain manner. It’s not easy though, you have to practice to become self aware. It doesn’t happen overnight.

♦Being optimistic → Optimism is something which a lot of people lack. One bad day and you start to think pessimistically. Avoiding negative feelings and also negative people can have a huge effect on your daily life. Even if something bad happens, remember the positives that has been happening your life. Cherish even the littlest thing around you. Like saying “What a beautiful day it is”.

♠ Think about the end → Does it really matter in the end? You must have heard the phrase ” Time destroys everything”.So why get so worked up about it? Nothing will last forever. So no matter how stressful the situation is, it will end eventually. Now, think about the stress you has had experienced till date. Look, you have gone all through that so I’m sure you can do that again.

♥Face your problems — We often run away from our problems but actually it only makes them worse. Facing your problems gives you a result on the consequence while running away from them leaves you thinking about it all the time so why not just man up and try to face the problems. You won’t lose anything, trust me. In the end it doesn’t turn out to be that bad.

♠Introspection — Set aside a time for relaxation and introspection every day. Think about yourself, your identity and find your inner self. Examine your thoughts and feelings and you will have a sense of relief in yourself.

Do try out these tips. It might be beneficial for you in future or even right now. You have to keep reminding yourself that it’s your life and you can change the consequences whenever you want. There’s just a need for making an effort and you can do it! 



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