Cricket…..Is that a bug?




Cricket is a bug, we all know that. But do you people also know that cricket is not just a bug but a sport as well? People from United States and few African and also few European countries might not know about it. Only a handful number of countries play it at the international level. So far only 10 nations have the Test status received by ICC ( International Cricket Council).

Cricket is a game played by using a bat and a ball. The bowler (the one who delivers the ball) and the batsman ( the one who takes the strike to face the ball with the help of a willow). There are 11 players in each team and the game is played between two teams. There is a specialist team member to guard the wickets from behind and he is called a “Wicket Keeper”.

Cricket is a sport which is mostly popular in Indian subcontinent. India seems to possess the highest fan following of this sport across the globe. It is an interesting sport but also very lengthy. That is the biggest reason why it is not categorised as a global sport. The shortest format of cricket is Twenty-Twenty over match. It is a recently introduced format to attract big audiences from the entire world.

I have seen several people who claims they don’t know it is a sport but do know that it is an insect for sure. When I asked a person if they know anything about it I got a reply ” Uh cricket? Isn’t that a bug?” I was quite surprised by the fact that there are people who actually don’t know about it. In case you did not knew about it, you’ve got a basic idea of what it is.


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