Novels….that’s interesting!

Now, most of the people around us do not like to read that much. They think it’s boring, nerdy, and what other synonym can you use to describe it? umm..maybe they think it’s uncool! I don’t get what does make you cool anyway. Being cool is just a mental state. I mean who I am or who are you to decide what’s cool and what’s not? The fact that every individual has different mindset, experiences and lifestyles we can’t really judge a person when we don’t even know what they are up to in their lives.

Most of my classmates, acquaintances, relatives and close friends do not like the idea of reading “unnecessary” stuff. They think it’s wastage of time but actually, do we ever utilise our time that much? Time management is something which is being talked in every seminar, in lectures and in the classroom but the reality is that no one really manages time that well. As the saying goes “It is easier said than done”. It’s a problem of everyone, not just yours and mine.

Novels are something which does makes your life adventurous, exciting and also provides you with heaps of knowledge. You can learn a language quickly, in less space of time only by reading. Novels are also worthy to read because it improves an amateur learner’s vocabulary as well. 

If I talk about my own experience, I developed the habit of reading novels when I was 14 or 15 years old. I still remember the first novel I read. It was called “All Over It”. It had been the book which was also depicted by a TV show known as “Lizzie Macguire”. It gave me a feeling of nostalgia about my childhood days. At the end of the story I was left with an empty feeling yet very satisfying. 

Novels takes you into another world. A world in which you can live a different life.

So whenever you feel that you’re life isn’t interesting or joyful or you feel like you’re in a deep misery, just select the perfect genre for you and start reading the novels. Novels which will take you into another world and to see life in a different way. The feeling of living another life will make you love your life even more…….

And Remember! Reading is cool!



3 thoughts on “Novels….that’s interesting!

    1. Yes, generally it is considered that reading is not a thing to do in leisure time but actually you can have a world of your own while reading and you stay away from the bitter reality of this planet. At least we can get out of all the mess for some time.Thanks for reading it. I’ll check out your blog too but please help me grow my audience. I’d be glad if you share it. 🙂


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