Being Punctual!

Around 5 or 6 years ago, I was having trouble with being punctual at my school, at my tuitions or wherever I had to go like even meeting my friends. I never went anywhere at a proper time and I, for some reason, just struggled to be punctual. It also left few of my close friends wondering as to how reliable I am and if they could trust me or not. You know, sometimes you become a party spoiler because people do not like to wait for one guy for hours and hours. So there are few points to be considered to be punctual on most occasions.

♦ Have a proper routine — If you stay up late and then wake up late then that might get you in trouble if you have few responsibilities on your shoulder. As the old saying goes “Early to bed, early to rise” is actually something that needs to be implemented on your life if you love to stay up late.

♦Set an alarm or a reminder — Sometimes you may forget that you had a meeting to attend or you had to be at a party. So, you should have a reminder somewhere so that you won’t forget important events and also you can know when to get ready and be prepared to reach at your destination.

♦ Do not procrastinate — Procrastination! It is something we all do. But try to just get up, motivate yourself and do the work which is pending. Doing your work on time and not being a procrastinator can help you doing other things as well.

If you have any other point in your mind then you can always comment. Maybe I did missed few things ( or maybe a lot).


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