Side Effects Of Living a Double Life!

Same routine, waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, thinking you might arrive late today at your workplace. Doesn’t it get too annoying sometimes? Well if you think about it overall, you might also feel that your life sometimes get too boring and also too annoying.

So what do you think you can do? The answer is simple. You live a double life! Oh yes, you heard that right unless you have got a hearing problem or to be more specific and correct, an eyesight problem.

Obviously,it’s easier said than done. You must have heard that cliché several times in your life already unless you’re a new-born. Well, I suppose you aren’t a new born if you can read this but as they say, “Nothing is Impossible”.Another cliché which is being used more than Google.

Well,now getting back to the topic, I must say living a double life can be fun but there are certain side effects attached to it. Have you  ever seen the show “Hannah Montana” starring Miley Cyrus?Well,to be honest it is not as easy to live like that as it had been depicted in that show.

Below are the few side-effects of living a double life.

1 -> Losing your real identityYou start to lose your real self just by having more than one life at a time. Hold on man! One life isn’t easy to handle and you think about having one more? Surely you’ll end up being miserable and besides in trying making your life exciting you’ll forget who you really are and most of the times will just be faking around.

2 -> Cheating with your close friends/familyHaving one life here and the other there. Most probably you wouldn’t be able to handle so many people so better in staying away from this experiment.

3 -> Being Fatigued -> In real life the truth is that we all have some priorities and also work to do in order to have a stable life. You need time to concentrate on your priorities so there is no fun in trying having a double life.

These were the 3 small side-effects which can be implied if you’re having a double life.

NOTE : This post was just for fun as it is nearly impossible having a double life in real world. But, in case you’re living a double life then do message me at I’d love to hear stories like that.

I promise to deliver some serious articles in future so be in touch. 


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