How to keep your mind at peace.

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I am sure that most of you people must have heard of the experiment “Is the glass half full or half empty?” Well, your answer will depend whether you are an optimistic or pessimistic.

The point is you will look at the world by how you perceive things and the way you face your daily life challenges throughout your life.

Here are few ways to keep a cool head while constantly battling with stressful situations. Yes there are!


1-    Focus on your own work – The first and the foremost trick is to focusing on your own work. Most of the times, we are busy in looking out what others are doing and that leads to affect our work. Due to consistently concentrating on other’s work, we forget about ourselves and that can be one of the reasons for your sleepless nights.

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2-   Avoid negative people  –  Now this is another very important factor of staying calm. Your surroundings affect you much more than you could imagine. Sometimes people don’t even realise the fact that they are in the wrong group. Try to have friends which encourage you to do various tasks. If your friends keeps putting you down then you know it’s time for a change and you need new friends.

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3-  Exercise – Not only this will provide you with immense strength and stamina but it will also generate positive thoughts inside your brain. So do workout to keep yourself mentally and physically active.

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4-  Time management –  Do you know if you manage your time properly then you could do most of the things which you want to but can’t do due to “lack of time”. Managing your time is a great way to prioritize things and ticking them one by one until you have made the best use of your precious 24 hours of a day. There will be hardly any stress once you do things which you have had wanted to do for so long.


5-  Meditation – Believe it or not but meditation is the topmost and the easiest way to keep your head cool. The best part is that, you can do it anywhere and at anytime. At first, it seems difficult but as you practice it everyday you will surely become better and you will be in a completely different mind space as the time progresses.



These were the few important factors which we all should apply on our lives. It seems difficult but once you are able to apply them, you can surely be in a different mind space and the people will be astonished to see such changes in your personality.


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