Why we should study?



Umm..Why we should study? Here is a brief paragraph which will tell you why you should. Take a look and think about the importance of study. 

The most common question that students ask is “how to study?” Some also gather the courage to ask “why study?” If you have a why, the how’s will come by. The most important question that so many of us fail to ask is why we should study. Right from our childhood we are told to study but we are rarely told the reason why we must study and that is why so often most of us fail to achieve our academic goals. A very dangerous idea is to study for scoring high marks. This will put you in the purely competitive lane and you will judge your progress solely by your marks. Remember not to hype up your marks. People fail to realize this simple fact that marks are nothing more than your performance index. To improve your marks you need to improve your performance. One of the most important objectives to study is a career. A degree ensures that you get a job when you grow up or you will have sufficient knowledge to operate your own business. In fact, the best of the degrees ensures a smooth life. That is one of the reasons why you must study. Remember even if you do not study, you will be able to earn, but you will be dependent and will have to work harder. There can be many other reasons but in my opinion education must be pursued for knowledge-for the pure worship of knowledge. Education builds up your character and refines your soul. To know the true value of education, ask someone who is illiterate and you will realize the gigantic value of something you have taken for granted.

Albert Einstein once said:  “The true purpose of education is to make the mind think!”


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